FRED’S CORNER: You Had Me At “Dear Fred…”


moonmanOur Executive Producer, Fred Graver, felt compelled to write in with the following missive:

I have a new BFF. Just ten minutes ago, a box arrived in my office, containing a new Sony PSP! According to the letter, which is signed “Sony Pictures Television,” (a name I’m unable to add to my MySpace friends list, alas…) I am “one of an elite group to receive this item!” My new BFF says that he’s “decided to have a little fun with three of our new series.” How excited am I?

The PSP includes podcasts and pix from three new series Sony is premiering this fall: ’Til Death, Kidnapped, and Runaway. Sony Pictures Television says he hopes I enjoy my new toy and find the enclosed materials compelling enough to share. Well, SonyPicturesTelevision (are we good enough friends yet that I can rush all three of your names into one?), you had me at “Dear Fred.” And let me tell you, THIS is some compelling television, my friends. Let’s start with ‘Til Death. It stars lovable-but-compelling hunk Brad Garret and Ellen’s compelling old girlfriend Joely Richardson.

till death

Watch here as the creators are interviewed in what sounds like a busy shopping mall or local abattoir…

You know what else is compelling? Jeremy Sisto – formerly known as the psycho brother of the psycho siblings in Six Feet Under. I’d watch him do anything…particularly in his new compelling series Kidnapped.


I don’t think Jeremy got a PSP from Sony — he just says the show is a “really interesting concept.” Me, I find it compelling.

Save room for dessert! Runaway stars Donnie Wahlberg as a Dad who’s been accused of a compelling crime he didn’t commit… forcing his family to stand around looking like the old gang from 21 Jump Street.


Here’s Darren Star, the man who brought you Sex in the City, and one of the show’s stars who used to be on 24, telling you that this show isn’t like 24, although they all like 24 on the show and want it to share some of 24’s qualities, but not too many.

Well, that’s about it. These new shows sure are compelling, and this new PSP sure is sweet. Hey, Sony… if you like this, see what you’ll get if you send me a new dvd player and a 50 inch flat screen!

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