Project Runway: Ralph Fiennes Is Just Like Us


RALPHFIENNES.JPGSomebody pinch us. We must be dreaming. Because two of our favorite things, Ralph Fiennes and Project Runway, have finally crossed paths, meaning we can finally kick the ol’ bouquet with a smile on our faces. Fiennes interviews Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen about the tidbits that us fans really want to know about, like whether or not the contestants are truly secluded, and what ends up on the cutting room floor.

And even when Fiennes is being a bit of a gross old man, he does it with such eloquence, we can’t help but roll our eyes while slowly derobing. Case in point: “ARE YOU CUTTING OUT FOOTAGE OF AN EROTIC NATURE?” I don’t know, RafeAaaare we cutting footage of an erotic nature? Wait, what? Oh. So, yes, it’s a fun read, and also gives you a great icebreaker next time you’re climbing up the trellis that leads into his bedroom.

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