SIZZLER: Gnarls Barkley Is Crazy About Safe Sex


gnarls.jpgThose paper trailblazers at The Smoking Gun have gonnen their hands on a concert rider for hip-hop’s sensation of the summer, Gnarls Barkley, and the duo’s backstage demands are surprisingly tawdry. They look like such mild-mannered nice boys, but based on this requested inventory, their dressing rooms sound like booze-and-veggie-tray-fueled orgies with over-sized MAGNUM condoms! What’s interesting is that only one of the dressing rooms requires rubbers (the other requests tube socks, which I pray aren’t for contraceptive purposes), so that means one of the guys is either in a monogomous relationship or not sexually active. Take a look at the lists for each dressing room, then in the comments section try to guess whose “socks” are Cee-Lo’s are whose are DangerMouse’s!

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