While You Were Busting Out of Rehab



  • Justin Timberlake has gone on record saying he’s not part of the Soul Patrol, and that Taylor Hicks “can’t carry a tune in a bucket”. Sort of like the HS quarterback picking on the weird-but-popular new kid who just moved to town.
  • A character on The Young & The Restless has come out of the closet and revealed that he is Jewish. Could the writers be setting up the arrival of a drunken Jew-hating villain? It would make sense considering this is pretty much going to be Mel Gibson’s only post-rehab career option.
  • Some country singer douchebag has been charged with purchasing a tame black bear, putting into a pen, and killing it with a bow & arrow. Here’s hoping that the punishment fits the crime and someone ends up squealing like a pig.
  • Nicole Richie blames her unhealthily skinny figure on too much stress. I blame it on too much not eating.
  • Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice are planning a trip to Disneyland so their kids can meet each other. The only way they could possibly make this any more terrifyingly awkward is by leaving the kids in the Haunted Mansion for the entire day, then forcing them to watch Pluto Nash while mommy practices her new single.
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