• LOOKING GOOD, FEELING NOT SO HOT MOMENT: We are officially putting movie critic Roger Ebert on a Nicole Richie watch. Apparently, tumors on your salivary glands do wonders to your appearance. (LA Daily News)
  • METHOD ACTOR: Remember Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite? The muscle-clad guy who used to rough up Nappy the Dyn Dyn? Well, apparently he’s like that in real life too. (E! Online)
  • GUILTY FACES: Much like reading coffee dregs, analyzing the possible post-coital guilt on the faces of Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson seems like a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon. It isn’t really, but still. (CityRag)
  • HOMONYM ALERT: Menopause for a moment, and send Barry Manilow a” Get Well” card. He had hip surgery, and we’re assuming they mean his actual hip bone. We’re not sure how we would feel about a Barry Manilow in cute jeans that listened to Death Cab. (Associated Press)
  • REALITY STAR OF THE MINUTE: America’s Got Talent winner, 11-year-old Bianca Ryan, plans on donating part of the $1 million cash prize to her favorite charities, including the “Whatever I Want At Toys R’ Us Fund” and “Emancipated Children Dot Org.” (Philadelphia Daily News)
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