BREAKING NEWS: Smoking Is Bad For You, Shooting A Cat In The Face w/ A Shotgun Is Still Cool


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The folks at Turner Broadcasting have their priorities intact. Thanks to some recent studies that have finally revealed that smoking is not good for your health, the Superstation has decided it’s about time to sift through a few thousand old cartoons and remove all the scenes that “glorifiy” smoking. But don’t worry, scenes that glorify mindless violence and racial stereotypes are still A-Okay.

So in cartoons like Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones and Scooby Doo smoking is OUT. Too dangerous. To find out what’s still in (and not nearly as dangerous as a pack of cigarettes) you can click below.

  • Branding somebody with a hot iron while they’re bent over smelling a flower.
  • Handing strangers sticks of dynamite.
  • Provoking/angering wild bulls with red articles of clothing.
  • Slipping poison into somebody’s drink.
  • Slipping hot sauce into somebody’s drink.
  • Slipping dynamite into somebody’s drink.
  • Leading people off sharp cliffs.
  • Pulling a cat’s tail around a corner and then back through a mouse hole to trick it into lighting itself on fire.
  • Bear traps.
  • Eating common household pets like, for example, yellow parakeets.
  • Dropping anvils from incredibly high places.
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