CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Snakes on a…Oh, F*ck It


SoaP.jpg1. Victory! Guys, we did it. This just shows that we have the power to use irony and the Internet to make our voices heard, and make a Hollywood studio lots of money on a flick that would have otherwise gone straight to late-night Showtime. Weeeee! – $15.25 million

2. Will Ferrel’s bare ass is almost as pure box office gold as pirate movies starring Johnny Depp. Maybe they’re putting together a “Swashbuckled: the Rime of Baron von Bareass” project as we speak! – $14.1 million

3. I can’t believe this epic, completely philanthropic tribute to America is already down to number three. You freedom-hating French commie fags clearly want the terrorists to win – $10.8 million

4. Maybe if they would have come up some sort of ironically obvious title like, “Nerds Invent Their Own College Then Hilariously Overcome Tremendous Odds to Surprise Everyone In the End By Actually Succeeding”, the Internet would have latched onto it and shot it to the top of the chart. You win some, you lose some – $10.1 million

5. Dance like nobody’s watching! Oh wait, nobody IS watching - $9.9 million

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