LISTEN UP: A Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Mars Needs Guitars has a bunch of new tracks, including the latest from Adam Green, who is sort of like what would happen if you gave Raffi a whole bunch of acid.
  • Last weekend in Memphis, I caught a show by a new band called Oh No! Oh My! – and let me tell you, the whole crowd left saying, “Oh Sh*t! These guys are Oh Awesome!”. Hop over to Palebear, listen to “Walk In the Park”, and thank me in the morning.
  • Dirty Bronson posts a new tracks from Dirty Pretty Things, the Pete Doherty-less new incarnation of The Libertines. Shockingly, taking the self-destructing crackhead out of the occasion didn’t hurt the music too much!
  • In celebration of the #1 box office debut of Snakes on a Plane, Dancelouder posted the synonymous track from Cobra Starship. You have approximately 12 seconds to download the song before the whole SoaP phenomenon is completely, utterly, hopelessly dead.
  • As usual, Pitchfork’s loving review of Mew makes all the music blogger cattle say, “Moo!”. Was that a limerick or haiku? I should stop before I really infuriate you. This really isn’t cool, but what can you do?
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