SIZZLER: Didn’t We Almost Have It Al Qaeda?


houstonosama.JPGA woman claiming to be Osama Bin Laden’s sex slave has written a book claiming that Osama was so obsessed with Whitney Houston, he debated having husband Bobby Brown murdered. Can you say “Match Made In Heaven” alert? First of all, subservient, shumbservient, when Osama gives an order, Whitney has no choice but to “Do It Todaaaaaaay.” And Houston would no doubt benefit from Osama’s connections… in drug trafficking, of course! While Whitney wouldn’t be allowed to sing (Osama, of course, does not tolerate music), she can still substance abuse the hell out of herself.

The oooonly possible probby I can see with this Bin Laden-Houston affair would be his picking out one of her trademarked “doody bubbles.” As we all know, that’s black love. (Ed. Note to Bobby Brown: Sleep with both eyes open. This is terrifying.)

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