Britney Spears To Be Buried With Dog, Shattered Dreams


chihuahua1.JPGAccording to K-9 Magazine (no relation to K-Fed’s Bazaar), mammarian Britney Spears wishes to spend the remainder of eternity buried next to her dog, Lucky. Spears is quoted as saying “Lucky is just so cute… she should be laid to rest with me when the time comes.” Excuse us for a moment. (LIFE DRAINING SIGH.) Sorry about that. What a fantastic idea! Britney should definitely get buried with this little chihuahua, whose life expetancy looks to be roughly 3 months. They can keep him in the mini-fridge built into K-Fed‘s favorite recliner, wrapped up in one of Sean Preston‘s diapers, for the next 65 years or so, until Britney has the honor of being buried with the frail, depressed — but adorably small — bones of a once abused dog.

We do feel bad for Britney’s other three dogs (is there such thing as middle dog syndrome?) who were put. up. for. sale. with Britney’s house in 2001. Flash forward to their burial in 8 or so years, dumped out of a wooden box next to the body of a pissed looking Mozart.

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