BWE: The Pros/Cons of Paris


paris album.jpgToday’s the day you’ve all been waiting for; today Paris Hilton’s album, creatively titled Paris, drops. The question is, will you pick it up? We here at BWE want to help you with your decision, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive Pro/Con list of why you Should/Shouldn’t go out and by the greatest album (by a celebrity with absolutely no discernable skills) ever!

The Album Cover
PRO:Paris looks bored and her legs are spread wide open, making this the perfect companion piece to One Night in Paris.
CON: The album costs $12.97 on Amazon. Googling “Paris + Spread Eagle” and finding much, much better pictures than this one costs you nothing but your pride.

The High Comedy
Breaking out Paris is guaranteed to elicit a few loud laughs from your friends. Listening to it will result in even more. Singing along and choreographing dances to it… wow. The possibilities are endless.
CON: The fear that your friends won’t actually believe you that you bought it as a joke. Especially when they catch you listening to it alone on your iPod.

The History
You already own CDs by Lindsay Lohan, Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Love Hewitt and The HoffParis is the final piece of the Ridiculous Celebrity Album puzzle!
CON: You already own CDs by Lindsay Lohan, Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Love Hewitt and The Hoff– shouldn’t you start saving money for college or something? Jesus.

The Bonuses
A limited edition version of Paris comes with a 30-minute DVD featuring interviews and footage of Paris in the studio. Which is much better than what the actual Paris comes with.
CON: Thirty minutes of Paris talking about her album may actually be more painful than 30 minutes of Paris acting in House Of Wax. Maybe.

The Emotions
Paris says this album is so good it makes her, “like, cry” when she listens to it.
CON: All the reviews say the same thing: this album will make you “like, cry” as well. But only when you realize you can’t return it.

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