LISTEN UP: Peace, Love & Andre 3000



  • Have you always sort of enjoyed Outkast’s modern classic “Hey Ya!”, but felt that the song could really use a more mellowed-out easy-listening feel-good vibe? Well you’re in luck hippies, because MyExBestFriend has an acoustic cover that will make you wanna pour some chamomile tea and hum along with the groovy groove.
  • Speaking of hippies, Pitchfork recently compiled a list of the 200 greatest songs from the 60’s and Blogs Are For Dogs actually posted mp3’s for every single one of them. So put that in your pipes and smoke it.
  • Jed and Lucia wouldn’t have been too out of place at Woodstock had they even been born yet, but as such, you’re more likely to find them at Coachella – and at Berkeley Place.
  • I’ve always thought Arcade Fire was the indie rock equivalent of the Grateful Dead, and their live Bowie cover over at Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good is pretty far out…man.
  • With their bearded faces, hippie-dippy band name, and feel-good folk rock tunes, Brothers and Sisters seem like the perfect conclusion to this little tribute to the “peace and love” side of rock & roll – grab a couple of their amazing songs over at MOKB.
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