• WISHFUL THINKING CATFIGHT: Looks like Jake Gyllenhaal‘s banana-seat performance is beating out Matthew McConaughey‘s in the race to play Lance Armstrong. Hopefully, Matt will be offered the backup role as Lance’s younger, more flexible brother, Stretch. (TMZ.com)
  • CROSS-CULTURALISM, PART I: Will Smith‘s production company will be producing two Bollywood movies for the booming Indian film industry. In other news, DJ Jazzy Jeff just made some instant Indian food, sat down on a milk crate, and had a good cry. (Zap 2 It)
  • HILARIOUS DEADLY SCARE: Pranksters let loose two real life snakes in an Arizona screening of Snakes on a Plane. Except, in this “movie”, a 14-year-old white kid with few friends and cystic acne was given the task to get the motherf***in’ snakes out of the motherf***in’ theater, using a broom handle and a motherf***in’ garbage bag. (Orlando’s Local 6)
  • CROSS-CULTURALISM, PART II: Page Six is rumoring today that the new Surivivor season will be dividing teams up by race: White, Black, Hispanic and Asian. It is impossible to say anything here and not sound racist, so we just want to wish the teams good luck and oh my god is this awkward. (NY Post)
  • GIFT IDEA: What do you get the R. Kelly who has everything? Why, “Golden Pickle Juice Sport” of course! (Pickle Juice Sport)
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