What Paul Learned From Snakes On A Plane


soap1.jpgBWE’s Paul Scheer was one of X amount of people (X= $15.2m/avg ticket price) who saw Snakes On A Plane over the weekend. And like X people, he left with a lot more knowledge about snakes, planes, and snakes on planes than those of us who missed it.

  • Snakes are not indigenous to Hawaii.
  • Don’t leave your can of Red Bull at a crime scene.
  • Snakes can not get into 1st class.
  • Always pack a bow and arrow in luggage just in case the hero of your flight needs a weapon while he/she is in the cargo hold.
  • Rich British people are assholes.
  • The snake guy who lives in the desert is probably up to no good.
  • Snakes are attracted to breasts, specifically hot girl’s nipples.

To read what else Paul learned, click here!

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