Tipping the Celebrity Scales


CELEBSCALE1.JPGFinally, a junky piece of crap we actually want! The Angry Store, a peddler of all thing Urban-Outfitters-y, is selling a Celebrity Scale — which puts your weight in terms of other celebrities and not pounds. This is exactly the kind of thing every girl in America should keep on the bathroom floor — now you can gauge exactly how much cocaine it takes to go from Roseanne to the Karate Kid. (p.s. It’s five 8-balls daily.)

The problem here is accuracy… I find it veeeery hard to believe that Mary-Kate Olsen weighs more than Baby Jesus. Then again, I never would have believed that Hulk Hogan weighed somewhere in between Mr. Ed and King Kong, but then these pictures surfaced. So, you know, a girl could be wrong. (Link via Ad Freak)

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