Tom Cruise [Insert Movie Pun Here] Paramount!


As you may have heard, Paramount pictures dumped Tom Cruise yesterday. Thankfully, the folks who write newspaper headlines were armed and ready with some corny movie-title puns to walk us through what happened.
tom crazy.jpg

I’m disappointed. Cruise made more than four movies, people. Utilize them. Like:

Paramount Days Far & Away
Fired (After) The Fourth Of July
Cruise Cock-Tails It Out Of Paramount
All The Wrong Moves
Tom Loses It For Losin’ It
Tom ‘Taps’ Out
Majority Reports: Get Tom Outta Here!
Tom Gets The Firm Goodbye
A Few Good Men Tell Tom To Go The F**k Away

Show some creativity, headline writers. Please. Now it’s your turn. Leave your Tom gets axed headlines in the comments.

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