While You Were Cleaning the Junk from Your Trunk…



  • An ad depicting Britney Spears completely naked and overly pregnant was deemed too “stimulating” for the Tokyo metro. Funny, that’s the same excuse Kevin Federline gives Britney when she’s in the mood… “Sorry, babe, you’re just too… stimulating.”
  • Superman is engaged! Thank you, Brandon Routh, for finally being brave enough to speak out about wax figures getting married. Tell the government to go to hell with all their “laws.”
  • Saturday Night Live‘s Lorne Michaels will be cutting 4 people from the late night roster. Unless one of them drops dead from a drug overdose or freak accident, then he’ll only cut 3.
  • Over 100 theatergoers walked out on Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline‘s performance of Bertolt Brecht in Central Park yesterday, citing the play “too boring.” As a result, Streep and Kline plan to spice things up next year, with a hot performance of “Sesame Street Live!”
  • Hollywood prettyboy Jesse Metcalfe has insulted British men, criticizing their poor grooming habits and laziness. Why so defensive, Jesse? Maybe because deep down inside, you’re British after all?
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