Kevin Federline Destined for Fields Medal


FederlineYearbook.JPGIt may come as no surprise that Kevin Federline‘s rap skills are above and beyond amazing, but who knew that Federline was also a cracking member of the intelligentsia? It’s true! The corn-rowed-crooner claims that he totally aced probably the most important test of his life. No… not Britney‘s “Conch Fritter Cook-Off”… his GED! K-Fed claims he aced his test with flying colors, and that even though the test isn’t that challenging he (QUOTE) “actually got amazing-ass test scores on it,” the highest in California. When you consider how many misunderstood prisoners take that test every year, it IS a pretty big deal. And it seems pretty obvious that only a genius could pen these lyrics “Kitty … little bitta t*tty … Wanna know where I go when I’m in your city…”

Check out this exclusive scan we got of K-Fed’s diploma:

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