LISTEN UP: What Would Sufjan Do (For $5,000)?



  • Would a crowd of NYC hipsters shell out an extra 5 grand, on top of what they paid to get into a pricey charity show, to see Sufjan Stevens play a song with David Byrne? You bet your sweet ass they would, and thanks to Stereogum, we can grab a recording of the same performance for the low low price of free ninety-nine. Thanks, suckers!
  • After an indie rock orgasm like that, even this nice new track from The Thermals over at Muzzle of Bees seems kind of underwhelming.
  • MOKB has a new track from The Lemonheads, for all 13 people who still haven’t given up on Evan Dando. Aww, that was kinda mean. We love you, Evan, and more importantly – so does Sufjan.
  • Go to Aquarium Drunkard, then explain to me how a bunch of recordings of The Beach Boys diddling around during a 1967 rehearsal session can sound so much better than almost everything that comes out today? Suck it, Sufjan!
  • Culture Bully likes Annuals, but what you really need to ask yourself is – would Sufjan?
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