• ILL-ADVISED HOLLYWOOD FAD: Made fashionable by trendsetters like Paris and Puffy, making bizarre home videos and posting them on YouTube seems to be the new ironic trucker hat, and just as ridiculous! (MollyGood)
  • RACIST REALITY SHOW RHETORIC: Jeff Probst says producers were careful to avoid casting “white supremicists” or “NAACP members” on the new season of Survivor, which seperates teams according to race. It’s good to know that even reality producers have ethical boundaries they’re unwilling to cross while exploiting harmful stereotypes to boost ratings, but it would have been hilarious watching Carlos Mencia lead “the Beaners”. (Gawker)
  • HACKY PUBLICITY STUNT: How can a rumor about Paris Hilton “hacking” into Lindsay Lohan’s Sidekick, with no resulting evidence, even be considered news? Even if she had the flu, Paris wouldn’t be bright enough to hack a cough. (Us Weekly)
  • THEATRICAL METAPHOR: Rookie thesbian Usher says that Broadway is like monogamy. Why, cause they’re both boring and overrated? (People)
  • HOT CELEB CAUSE: After suffering food poisoning from an airline meal on his way to fight oppression in Darfur, George Clooney has abandoned his efforts in the war-torn nation to focus on the far more critical battle to stop the poor quality of airplane food. His help will be greatly appreciated by the army of hacky stand-up comedians who’ve been championing this cause since the 80’s. (Page Six)
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