Project Runway: Wait, Jeffrey IS an A-Hole!


ULIDESIGN.JPGWe loved last night’s Project Runway for many reasons. First, we got to see relatives of our 8 remaining designers, including Uli‘s and Michael‘s sweet-as-candy mothers. Second, we learned that 6-foot-tall albino broomstick Laura is pregnant with her sixth child, defying all laws of Amishly-hipped physics. Thirdly, Vincent didn’t do anything too insanely creepy, which might be a miracle. And fourth, Michael Kors‘ mother made us fall in love with him all over again (even though a pair of his shoes nearly sent us to our deaths.)

But, as usual, there were things we hated too. Robert getting “auf’d” for instance. Who is Kayne supposed to bitch to now? Thems two were adorable. Also, where was Tim Gunn last night? There should be a requirement that at least 5 minutes of every episode be dedicated to Tim’s designer opinions. But what was perhaps the worst thing to happen last night was seeing Jeffrey Sebalia‘s true a-hole colors — and while his mother was around, no less! Jeffrey had to design a garment for Angela’s heavy-set Mom, and instead of building her up, or going with some of her requests, he managed to design a heinously-draped mumu with Ray Charles seams… not to mention tearing down her self-esteem in the process. For once, we felt sorry for Angela! (Fret not, we still hate her “signature rosettes.”)

What did you think of the episode? Did Vincent deserve to win? (We liked Uli’s design, left, the best.) Were we the only ones appalled by Jeffrey’s cocky behavior?

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