LISTEN UP: A Killer Summer



  • Stereogum has live versions of two new songs from The Killers, recorded at a show in their hometown of Las Vegas, and proving that not everything that happens there stays there.
  • DJ Never Forget helps to make sure you remember all the fun you had this summer by compiling a pretty stellar group of songs and putting them together to create a “summer ending mix” track that you can grab over at Exitfare.
  • The Late Greats have “Magazine Called Sunset”, a rare Yankee Hotel Foxtrox B-Side from Wilco that sounds great, and has a wonderful recipe for lemon meringue pie.
  • *Sixeyes has an exclusive track from an in-store performance by The Mountain Goats. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of 50 or so music nerds whose hearts just skipped a beat.
  • The Village Indian turns into Indie-ana Jones, heads to Norway, then sends back his discovery of mysterious Scandinavian bands with names like Noxagt.
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