CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: In-Vince Chase-ible


invincible.jpg1. Vinnie Chase Marky Mark tells an inspiring story of a man who must overcome some pretty incredible odds in order to convince people that they haven’t already seen this movie a bajillion times before – $17 million

2. It’s pretty safe to say that this movie’s continued success means we’re going to be hearing frat guys quote it incessantly until Will Ferrell finally comes up with a new character whose legend/ballad/tale needs to be told – $8 million

3. Can someone please explain to me how in the name of Xenu a legitimately good movie snuck its way into the top 5? How could American moviegoers have let this happen? – $7.5 million

4. Now this is the kind of comedy genius that we should be flocking to see, not that artsy-fartsy “Little Miss Feelings Movie” crap – $6.5 million

5. I bet if you watched this movie back-to-back with Beerfest and Talladega Nights, you’d be able to see what mild autism feels like – $6.5 million

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