Set Your Tivo’s to Hilarity!


KFed.JPGThe following things should all make your Tivo’s shift a little in their tiny pants:

  • K-Fed will be making his small screen acting debut! Federline will be playing completely against his stereotype (read: foppish dandy), instead portraying a thug who “hassles” people on “CSI.” We’re air quoting that last one as we assume it’s not the hit drama Crime Scene Investigation, but rather hit cable access show Crunk Stamina Index.
  • Fans of people with big heads and famous parents, rejoice!
  • Leslie Nielsen is returning to TV! He’s signed on for NBC’s highly anticipated* upcoming comedy Lipshitz Saves the World. *We may be the only ones to care, but we care deeply.
  • In other TV news, reanimated corpses — we mean Posh Spice — will also get her own TV show, this time handing out fashion advice to unkempt Americans. The name of the show? How to Stop Eating and Get Raped in 10 Days.
  • MTV’s Video Music Awards will be handing out an award to the Best Cell Phone Ring. We’re placing all our money on Beethoven‘s Symphony No. 5 as the clear winner… What was that? Oh… Fergie is nominated too? Oh. Sorry Beethoven. Maybe next year.
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