SIZZLER: Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Making Bad Music Together?


JessSimpsMayer1.JPGUS Magazine reports in tomorrow’s issue that Jessica Simpson, i.e. “The Voice of a Collageneration”, and John Mayer, i.e. “Douchey Scissorhands McWatson”, are an item. “But how can this be?”, you ask yourself. “Jessica Simpson has fallen ‘ass over tits’ for Dane Cook” your brain keeps repeating while you secretly cut yourself. We thought the same thing…

But get this. Jessica Simpson has lost her voice. While her album is set to debut tomorrow, she’s on doctor’s order to rest her vocals, as she has a “bruised vocal cord.” (We only hope it is NOT related to Dane Cook in any way.) And supposed new squeeze John Mayer? ALSO HAS LARYNGITIS. (Again, hopefully not Dane Cook related.) Could these two lovebirds be speaking one another sign language in a hidden location somewhere? We’re calling major conspiracy town — and we’re not gonna lie, we kinda like them together!

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