SIZZLER: Voight’s Senile Salutation


voightTMZ.JPGIf estranged grandfather Jon Voight ever hopes to get far enough back into the good graces of enstranged daughter Angelina Jolie to see his grandkids, he’d better start brushing up on a few important details: like their names. When offering birthday wishes to Jolie’s son Maddox during this recent red-carpet interview, Voight also tried to send his best to “Shakira”, the Latin-American pop singer whose name he presumably mistook for that of his 1 1/2 year-old grand-daughter Zahara. It’s a pretty embarassing mistake, but at least he didn’t tack on “or Jihad or Timba or Mojibimbo or whatever the hell stupid African name their do-gooder mother gave them” to the end of his greeting.

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