James Bonds With Dudes


craig.jpgJames Bond fanatics have had a lot to complain about over the decision to name Daniel Craig the new Bond. For starters, he has blonde hair, and… um… he has blonde hair! Where the f**k does he get off???

Well, a few short months away from the release of Casino Royale, Mr. Craig has given them something else to get their panties up in a bunch over. An on-screnn kiss. With a dude.

Craig plays one of the men who brutally murdered a Kansas farm family in “Infamous,” which examines Truman Capote’s emotional journey into the minds of two killers that formed the core of his true-crime novel, “In Cold Blood.” An attachment grew between Capote and confessed killer Perry Smith during the long periods the author spent in Kansas teasing out their story, and in a pivotal moment, the two men kiss.

What an octo-pussy! The question is; if the producers wanted to make James Bond a blonde guy who kisses men, why didn’t they just go with the obvious choice?

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