INTERESTING POINT: “Isn’t it ironic that the OK Go video “Here It Goes Again” owes its success to You Tube, and their success really had nothing to do with MTV.” (A Socialite’s Life)
  • ENGAGEMENT: Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton might engage… in hours upon hours of public unprotected sex, surely. (The Superficial)
  • ANCHORS THEY’RE JUST LIKE US: Ann Curry broke her nose going through a revolving door! Now we feel better about severing our left foot in that shoe polishing machine. (TMZ)
  • SURI NEWS: Vanity Fair has hired security guards to watch over the Suri Cruise photos, making sure they don’t leak to the press. Well, it’s a better gig than keeping an eye on Ryan Seacrest‘s miniatures collection. (Jossip)
  • RESEMBLANCE: We kind of hate this comparison of Paris Hilton and one of our favorite Looney Tunes characters, Lovelorn Chicken… now the bitch is ruining our fondest childhood memories? Fuh. (Cityrag)
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