Project Runway: Kayne’s Last Hurrah?


According to the previews, tonight’s Episode 9 of Project Runway features Tim Gunn & the Gang frolicking through the streets of Paris, with Kayne putting the “gay” in “Paree” with a fake goatee and beret, screaming “Oui oui, bonjours!!” so frantically that the entire country of France shuddered to one unaninous douchechill. The Bravo previews seem to focus quite a bit on the poo-eating crazy Vincent, which in our books looks like a clear “auffing.” But this preview seems to say that poor pigeon-boobed Kayne may be the one flying home early. Fair warning: The preview does show some of the gowns from tonight’s ep, so if you want to wait 7.5 more hours with the non-spoiled innocence of the challenge, good on you. To the rest of my people: Is tonight Kayne’s last? If so: Aww.

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