The Crocodile Hunter: Is It Okay To Laugh Yet?


irwin.JPGAccording to South Park, everything tragic becomes funny after 22.3 years. But what if the tragedy involves a man who called himself The Crocodile Hunter being attacked by a sting ray? Then what are we talking? Like, 3 days?

Despite the fact that he passed away on Monday, people are already cracking jokes at Irwin’s expense. It’s shocking (whoops! That wasn’t supposed to be a sting ray pun, I swear). For instance, The Daily Gut has the Animal Kingdom’s response to Steve’s death. While Scott Adams, the man who created Dilbert (Dilbert! Remember that? Me neither) wrote a far from sensitive and far from funny (just like Dilbert!) post about Irwin’s death which consisted of the line “I believe death is not a laughing matter, unless the guy who gets killed is in the process of bothering dangerous animals.” Okay… it was a little funny. Adams pulled the entry after posting it on his site, but thanks to the magic of Yahoo caches, you can read it here.

So what do you think? Is three days “too soon”? You can either start laughing now, or you can wait another 22.29 years. It’s your call.

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