LISTEN UP: I’m Not Afraid of You…



  • And the award for “Best. Album. Title. Ever.” goes to Yo La Tengo, for their genius I’m Not Afraid of You, And I’ll Beat Your Ass. Go to Merry Swankster to see if the songs are as just as good.
  • The Supreme Council of Music Bloggers has elevated the status of Beirut, Cold War Kids, The Breakdown and a few other indie bands to label-worthy, and ProductShopNYC has tracks to celebrate.
  • Itstoolong is all in German, which is why it’s a good thing that “Joanna Newsom’s harp-strumming elven fairy warbling” is a language everyone can understand.
  • The Shins have postponed the release of their new album to January 2007, but you can still have your lives changed by three new live tracks over at YANP.
  • I’ve really been digging the Regina Spektor song “On the Radio” lately, and think you should go download it at All Things Go! for the “November Rain” reference alone.
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