Project Runway: Ding-Dong, The Vince is Dead


ProjRun41.JPGOur weekly addiction, Project Runway, delivered the couture goods last night. Our contestants are still in Paris, and kicked off the show with a relaxing Parisian meal hosted by fantasy father figure Timmy “the Tim-Tim” Gunn. (On a related note, please read this love letter addressed to Tim that I think speaks for all of us.) This week’s challenge was to design a haute couture gown — and while there have been a lot of dress-making challenges this season, we were still excited. Though we do wish they could’ve stepped the challenge up a little. Like making a dress out of nothing but discarded office furniture and sandfleas.

First of all, and we’re not embarassed to admit this, we loooooved Kayne‘s dress. While the judges served up a steaming plate of guff, we found the detailing and diagonal corset to be stunning. There is always the possibility that in person it looked like Liberace farted all over it, but we have to hand it to Kayne: The man knows how to iron a gold-mesh boost-ay. We liked Jeffrey‘s yellow-plaid ahn-somb, and were not blinded with Nicolas Rage over his win.

Now, the bad. Poor Michael. His rabbit-eared gown had a lot of problems — plus the egg! Someone threw an egg at his dress… and he was so calm and relaxed about it! I nearly round-tripped it to Paris to rip that guy’s face off. And Laura. Laura, who’s albino orb of a pregnant belly greeted the entire country with a “Please, someone, get some body fat on this woman.” Laura, whose “Let’s put a fun plunging collar on this out of mink or another material” attitude nearly got her eliminated.

ProjRun2.JPGBut last night, the weekly game of “One of these things is not like the other” ended when Vincent was “auf’d.” His dress was a one-way ticket on the Hein Train to elimination. We will miss his weekly updates on what “gets him off” (last night it was some couchy fabric, a pair of new scissors, and a half-dead pigeon he found under a tire), but we won’t miss our recurring nightmare where he hot glues satin shoulderpads to our face and then punches us in the groin. Which makes us wonder even more about (spoiler alert!) his model Jia‘s participating in the Fashion Week show

So Vincent is gone! And we can move forward… to an episode featuring the Olsen Twins? Could this be true, according to Laura’s comment in the show’s preview? We can’t wait to see our little girls in something other than a 400-foot long pashmina and cowboy boots! And side note: Is it just us, or is Heidi Klum really not involved at all this season?

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