SIZZLER: Paris Defends Herself!


PARISHILTONDUI.JPGWe know you know, but to reiterate: Paris Hilton was handcuffed last night for the first time without there being any foreplay involved, after police discovered she was driving under the influence. After spending an entire 15 minutes in “the slammer”, Paris was released back into the wild, giving her the freedom of calling up Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show early this morning to explain herself. The gist of it — and these are actual quotes — Paris was filming her “new musical video”… but she “had not ate all day”. She then went to “this charity event Dave Navarro threw for brain tumors.” Wait. Dave Navarro is throwing charity events for brain tumors?? Aren’t we overlooking the real problem here — celebrities are raising money for brain tumors! And in a cruel and twisted joke on God, they’re inviting Paris Hilton to help them.

Oh God. A little bit of blood just came out of our ears. Thanks, Dave Navarro.

More on point, you can hear the entire interview here, and then thank God you don’t have to ever deal with Paris over the telephone. It’s like Robert De Niro in Awakenings, for real.

UPDATE: Mystery solved. To quote a real life SuicideGirl, Alyk, “Yeah, that ‘charity event Dave Navarro threw for brain tumors’ was actually our five year anniversary party. Dave Navarro’s band played at the party, and the ticket sales benefited ‘Head to Hollywood,’ but it was still a party with an open bar and naked ladies dancing.” Phewww! And for the record, no one saw her drinking!

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