You Can Finally Put a Value on Angsty Teens


canthardlywait.JPGEntertainment Weekly has taken time out of their busy list-making schedule to rank The 50 Best High School Movies of All Time. Peruse the list to relive all of your favorite high school movie memories, like the time your pal Ferris B-Yooler stole your dad’s car, or the time when you realized that that huge greasy dude you made out with on the beach in Australia all of a sudden went to your high school in America, and his name is Danny Zucko, and because of your hopeless devotion you almost pierce your ears and end up becoming a raging slut anyway? Remember? No? Fine.

We actually wholly agree with the list — although we are going to make a special point to say that we believe Can’t Hardly Wait, one of our favorite high school comedies of all-time — and ranked a measly #44 — should be in the Top 10. That’s totally Aman-duh. Thankfully, our other favorite comedy, Heathers, is number 5, so we won’t have to feign our suicide to prove any points anytime soon.

The number 1 movie? The Breakfast Club. That’s probably right… but did they miss any movies?

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