Stars, They’re Not Like Us At All


JessicaSimpsonUSMag1.JPGWe never thought we’d say it, but poor Jessica Simpson. Paparazzi snapped a photo of her browing the magazine racks at her local supermarket, and lo and behold, there she is on the cover of Us Magazine with a huge “DUMPED” headline stamped by her face, like a mugshot of failure and heartache. And we still can’t decide what’s worse: Going to pick up some OJ and finding your deer-in-headlights expression on the cover of a checkout mag, or the realization that there is someone photographing you at the very moment you notice it.

In the scheme of “celebrities are actual people”, this picture kind of blows our minds. And for a brief moment, makes us pity her. No wonder she went ahead and bought 5 dozen roses for herself.

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