• JUST LIKE PROM MOMENT: Gossip bloggers band together and rank their “Top 10 Most Hated Celebs”. While we weren’t asked to participate (waiting by phone, checking beeper, et al.), for the record, it’s Lupe Ontiveros. (Popbytes)
  • FUGLIC SEX: Kate Moss and Pete Doherty tried to get away with public sex in rehab. No joke, but in our minds we picture a shakey toothless hobo sweeping the floor with a strangely Asian broom and breathing heavily. And, oddly, it’s quite sensual… (The Superficial)
  • USEFUL PRODUCT: While the following robotic device is meant to keep bored dogs busy while at home alone, stuff some hummus inside those pellet things and we’d honestly have a great time. (Kongtime by Dogopolis)
  • PAPAR-NAZIS: Justin Timberlake looks pissed… and kinda Gump-ish. If we could choose anyone to be our abusive boyfriend, we’d want it to be him. (X17 Online)
  • SIMI-HILARITY: Maybe Vin Diesel IS gay…? (US Weekly)
  • LIFE IMITATES ART?: Remember the Stephen King movie Sleepwalkers, where those scary cat people sucked the souls directly out of people’s mouths? Well, take a look at this polaroid-parade of 15-year-old models, and tell us these girls aren’t all victims. (Confessions of a Casting Director via Gawker)
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