Fergie Teaches Celebs How To Avoid Nip Slips


fergie bra.jpgLindsay, Tara, Mischa, McConaughey– take note: somebody has finally figured out a way to avoid unwanted nip-slips.

It’s called a “bra”, and here you can see Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas (and more recently, from Fergie) sporting one on the hip, cool show that all the kids love, TRL. Notice how the “bra” is conveniently placed over the breast and covers the nipple. This allows Fergie to wear clothing purchased from Kids ‘R’ Us on a nationally televised basic cable show without the fear of a body part popping out. Experts are already calling it “revolutionary”, and many believe that the “bra” could lead to the end of the modern day nipple slip.

Of course, since many celebrities rely on the occasional nip-slip to remain newsworthy, it’s unlikely that the “bra” look will catch on around Hollywood. But if it does, young up & coming starlets may have to find a new way to grab our attention.

We’re just going to have to hope that nobody tells them about underwear.

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