ICYMI: The Office! New Clips! (Spoilers?)!


(Grinding teeth, shaking leg) Only 7 more hours until Season 3 of The Office premieres! And slowly, we’re piecing together some of the things we can expect during tonight’s episode. For starters, last night Steve Carell made an appearance on Jay Leno, where they played the following clip featuring a dialogue between possibly my two favorite people on the show: Michael and Toby.

He’s so right about that retarded thing. So Michael finds out Oscar is gay? That alone could breed enough comedy for at least 4 episodes… You can catch another clip regarding this story line on Yahoo TV’s Fall Preview. But more importantly, Jim and Pam… After the jump, some speculation!

During last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser, NBC aired an extended cliffhanger from last season… listen closely to what Jim tells Pam after the famous kiss:

You know, even with that “cancer-patient about to flatline” background music that NBC seems so insistent upon using, the scene still makes magic happen. What would you like to see happen on tonight’s premiere?

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