Jude Law + Manny x Diapers = Mantasy Island


JUDELAW.JPGLaaaaaadies! Looks like Britney Spears‘ Manny has a new delicate little one to clean up, feed and burp: Jude Law. Apparently, things got a little too hot in the barefoot redneck kitchen for ex-Manny Perry Taylor, who, according to Us Magazine, has been seen protecting the bah-day of the foppish cad all around town. We imagine working for Law is a bit different. Whereas before the Manny was responsible for removing the interior cream from a box of Ho-Ho’s and placing it into a jelly jar for Brit’s imbibing, now Manny must face an altogether swankier beast. (Wayne’s World fade out, if you will.)

There would be Jude, draped over a zebra-skinned fainting couch, a satin robe skimming down from his Adonis-like shoulders. A tiny platinum bell jingles with the slightest of effeminate ease, as Jude, up all night whittling a backscratcher out of an ivory tusk, complains of a cramp in his leg. “Bring me my oils” Jude orders… you can continue reading this little fan-fiction ditty over on my never to be released website ThingsThatGetMeThroughMyDay.com.

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