LISTEN UP: Mikey Timberlikes It!



  • I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but Justin Timberlake’s forthcoming single (feat. T.I.) is actually…gulp…good. Head over to Idolator and tell me whether I’m crazy.
  • I’m also stunned that Stereogum’s leak of the new Jet track is also so surprisingly awesome. Sike! They still stuck.
  • The cool kids in the Scenestars AV Club have new video and music from some Brit rockers who DON’T suck – Razorlight!
  • music (for robots) has some scotch-and-despair-drenched new music (that’s awesome) from Tom Waits.
  • Macktronic puts on his finest powder, dandiest duds and gives a positively smashing review of those rapscallions in The Whigs.
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