We’ve Been Jammed: Spaceballs, The Cartoon!


RICKMORAN2.JPGRemember sitting through Spaceballs for the 1,257th time — that morning when it aired on PAX — and while you quietly laughed at the adorkable Rick Moranis, and remembered when Bill Pullman had the qualities of a leading man before all that “they’re reading out thoughts” business in Independence Day, you thought “Gee, it’s too bad that there isn’t more Spaceballs material out there in the universe…”, well Mel Brooks has a message: Fooled you! That’s because Spaceballs is returning to the small screen, in the form of an animated series on the G4 Network. Mel Brooks will be providing some of the voices, and longtime collaborator Thomas Meehan will oversee writing (so we can pray it will actually be funny.)

You’ll have to wait until 2007 though, so until then, get on your Barfolemew outfit and try to rally up a Spaceballs convention. We’ll be styling our hair with a 400-pound blow dryer in anticipation.

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