Gibson Driving Chevy to Law & Order


MELGIBSON.JPGYou can’t say we didn’t predict this: Chevy Chase has been hired by Law & Order to portray a “celebrity who is pulled over for drunk driving while wearing blood-soaked clothes, and whose religious prejudice comes out after his arrest.” Blood-soaked clothes? Was there something that happened during the Mel Gibson arrest that the Malibu sherriff’s office didn’t tell us? Did Mel hit a deer and attempt to resuscitate it or something? Nice twist L&O! Way to take an actual item from the news and throw in an element of surprise to make it yours. We can’t wait for some of the other Law & Order‘s upcoming eps:

  • Beefy, ex-TV star makes frantic call reporting daughter’s suicide attempt. Turns out the teenager was lightly scratched by the family cat… only the family cat is a mountain lion.
  • A South African alligator hunter is mysteriously killed when he swims directly into the mouth of a whale. Accident… or is it?
  • A cultish white movie star marries a fellow-white woman with glass eyes who births a little black baby.

No, that last one is more of a Maury Povich episode… from our dreams. The Mel Gibson/L&O fiasco will air on NBC Friday, November 3, at 10 pm.

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