ICYMI: Some Wasted Jackass Holding His Unremarkably-Sized Penis, From Which Urine Sporadically Drips, While Being Filmed On the Red Carpet of His Movie Premiere


We can’t decide what we love best about Steve-O: a) his willingness to publicly engage in the most moronically juvenile behavior imaginable with an utter lack of self-respect or awareness, b) his refusal to acknowledge that even the most fickle of his “fans” will one day grow bored of watching him humiliate and torture himself in exchange for their continued attention, c) his complete embodiment of everything wrong with our culture, or d) symbolically defining for us exactly why we are doomed. We’ll just go with “none of the above” and let Little Stevie molest our minds in this video of his arrival to the premiere of what is currently the #1 movie in America:

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