REVIEW: Liquid Cocaine: Cayenne You Say Nasty?


COCAINECAN.jpgWe here at BWE were lucky enough to sample the not-yet-released Cocaine in a Can, and wanted to give our opinion on the only legal, liquid alternative to powdered heaven. The drink claims to be 350 times stronger than Red Bull, and lasts for up to 5 hours. Upon first can-cracking, it smells like cherries, and when poured, resembles clown piss. While it has been described as tasting “like a Jolly Rancher”, we had a different take. Our reactions evolved from “Oh God, it burns” to “(hysterical coughing)” to “I can’t… I can’t feel my chest… it’s on fire!” Yes, what the creators of Cocaine in a Can won’t tell you is that its main ingredient is cayenne pepper (or some much cooler “illegal” pepper). 30 minutes later, our mouths are still burning. This is perhaps an attempt to recreate the “drip” we’re told snorting cocaine causes, albeit in a completely opposite fashion.

But what’s a little “my face is exploding” for the inimitable paranoia that comes along with a night of rail-blowing? Translation: Does this crap get you high? Well, let’s see… We’re currently typing at 200 words per minute while constantly checking over our shoulders for celebrities/ex-boyfriends. And our teeth hurt. And, no lie, our chests our still burning. But we’re not looking any skinnier, that’s for def. And our co-worker, who is “sensitive to caffeine”, has a splitting headache. (Note to self: Do not drink cocaine @

Keep reading for the verdict!

The Verdict: Cocaine in a Can might make you feel high, if by “feeling high” you mean “inducing a heart attack for no reason.” But it tastes terrrrrrrrible, and you won’t forget that you sipped it for the rest of the night. Plus, we have a feeling our pee is gonna burn in the near fyootch. (Full disclosure: We have the clap.) Oh… Mischa’s txtng us… We’re peacing 2 Bungalow. Luv Ya 4 VR CU L8R MC.

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