The Complete Guide to Excellent Knock-Offs


ROLEX.JPGLook. We’re not condoning that you purchase knock-offs and counterfeit goods. We think it’s tacky and illegal. What do you have to prove, big guy? That you can afford a Rolex Yachtmaster on your Arby’s Drive-Thru salary? And you there, girl, with your fancy expensive bags and Cuban cigars… who are you impressing? Certainly not me. No, I prefer shoes made out of bicycle tires and bags fashioned out of a boot and some twine.

However… if you wanted to go ahead and purchase this highly fashionable contraband, Radar Online puts together an extremely thorough directory of where to go for such fakey items, as well as the quality of each. Who knew you could buy a Ferrari at the cool bargain price of only $27 thou? See you later, college education for my children-ater.

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