LISTEN UP: Let’s Take a TO



  • Gorilla vs Bear rallies behind Terrell Owens in this dark time, and shows solidarity by posting a track from TO’s rap debut, “I’m Back”. Ironically, his rap skillz make me want to end it all with pills.
  • Aquarium Drunkard gazes deeply into several different versions of the Velvet Underground classic “Pale Blue Eyes”.
  • Muzzle of Bees has a track from the latest album of whiskey-drenched anthems by Lucero, and I highly reccomend you go listen to it.
  • Head over to Musicisnotdead and say hello to “Goodbye”, a nice little track from newcomers The Postmarks.
  • As much as Brooklyn Vegan seems to love Grizzly Bear, lets hope he doesn’t end up suffering the same fate as that crazy dude in Grizzly Man.