• TAPES ‘N TAPES: The cassette generator is further proof that I am easily amused. (Says-It)
  • CONSPIRACY THEORY: Could the “Screech Doing a Dirty Sanchez” video really be a big fake-out, cynically intended to drum up publicity for a fading pseudo-star? Is god real? (The AV Club)
  • GRIEF COUNSELOR: The best way to deal with simultaneous birth and death of a child is to marry your sleazy lawyer. Just another lesson in Anna Nicole Smith’s Guide to Better Living Through Insanity. (Dlisted)
  • GLASS-HOUSE-DWELLING STONE THROWER: David Gray, who is about 4 hitless years away from being able to criticize anyone’s pop music talent. (Idolator)
  • INSIGHTFUL OBSERVATION: Lindsay Lohan, not very “low key”. (X17 Online)
  • NOTE TO SELF: Don’t be such a moron and brag about all the free sh*t I get for writing about these idiots. Oops. (RADAR)
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