punkd-kutcher-inside.jpg1. I think my favorite thing about this animated adventure is Elliot the Mule Deer because he sounded wacky and silly like Ashton Kutcher! My second favorite thing about this movie is all the funny shenanigans, and the friendships that result from them – $23 million

2. Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Costner, Coast Guard rescue swimmers. It’s nice to know that Americans are still able to recognize real quality movies when they come along – $17.6 million

3. Maybe if Stevo-O would have taken a “number two” on the red carpet, smeared it all over his face, then rolled around in it, this opus would still be holding strong at “number one” – $14 million

4. Hey “Napoleon Dynamite Guy”: 14:57…14:58…14:59…aaaaand that’s your time. Please grab a commemorative “Vote For Pedro” shirt on your way out – $9.1 million

5. I would pay good money to see Jet Li try to take his fancy-pants Chinese dragon martial arts style down to the All-Valley Tournament and try his luck against Mr. Daniel Larusso’s Miyagi style karate crane kickery. Let’s see who’s “fearless” then$4.7 million

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