While You Were Following Foley’s Follies


  • Brad Pitt says he wants to have a total of six kids by next year. Coincidentally, Mark Foley says the same thing.
  • Helena Bonham Carter thinks Hollywood has an unhealthy obsession with youth. However, seeing as how she recently turned 40, nobody in Hollywood cares what she thinks.
  • A spokeswoman for Madonna denies claims that the singer adopted a one-year-old orphan boy from the African nation of Malawi. She simply kidnapped the child to sell him into slavery– she did NOT adopt him. Please get your facts straight.
  • Kevin Federline will get $10 million if he divorces Britney Spears. He considers it a much better deal than the increasingly less attractive wife he gets if he stays.
  • Nicole Richie and Brody Miller Jenner have called it quits. The breakup results in Nicole suddenly becoming single again, and Brody suddenly becoming irrelevant again.
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