GREAT TV OF THE FUTURE: The Singing Office


thickeoffice2.jpgEverybody loves The Office, but you know what could make it even better? Getting rid of its talented cast, replacing them with real-life fame-seeking office workers from around the country with no performing background to speak of, then having Alan “Double Scotch on the Rocks” Thicke lead them in song! Yes, The Singing Office, the latest nugget of genius to come out of the reality show idea hopper, is going to be a watershed moment in amazing television. Maybe they’ll even come to YOUR office so you too can celebrate your mundane, painfully repetitive wage-slavery through the joy of song!

“Ohhh, what a beautiful spreadsheet, oh what a beautiful fax, I’ve got a beautiful cubicle where I do task after boring-ass task!”

Play it again, Dr. Seaver!

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